Brings host of improvements to innovative production studio

Veenendaal, The Netherlands _ 15 June 2023

WebClip2Go – innovators of a unique DIY studio hardware and software solution – today announce the upcoming release of version 2.3 of the WebClip2Go integrated system. The new release will build upon the exceptional functionality already embodied within the holistic video production studio, and will include a range of features which add to the functionality, usability and integrability of the system.

Since its inception in 2018, WebClip2Go has offered a fully integrated, crewless video system which makes professional-level video production available to everyone. The WebClip2Go format turns the video creation process on its head, simplifying editing components and moving them to the front of the workflow. This involves ‘pre-creating’ scenes – in which all of the graphics, titles, effects and transitions have already been set, allowing a presenter to deliver direct to camera in one shot. These scenes – and the script for the teleprompter – can even be created directly through PowerPoint, so no specialist knowledge is required.

Evolving from its original ‘talking head with greenscreen’ format, subsequent versions of WebClip2Go have added live switching, talkshow and catwalk modalities to the system – making it ideal not only for educational applications, but also corporate, retail and fashion contexts. In addition, recent integration of AI control systems allow functions to be accessed hands free, creating a naturalistic production without the need for any crew.

Now, with version 2.3 – one of WebClip2Go’s biggest release extensions to date – WebClip2Go will introduce a range of features which augment these novel workflow approaches. These improvements include:

Multi-lingual support: The existing WebClip2Go system is able to control the speed of the teleprompter by monitoring the speed at which the presenter is delivering the content. Previously available in either English or Dutch, this function can now track speakers of over 10 different languages.

Kaltura support: Kaltura, a leading on-demand educational video SaaS platform is now fully integrated into the WebClip2Go system, making transition from production to delivery workflows seamless.

Multi-viewer for live and/or voice controlled production, and Webex/Teams: Video creators who want to add to their production by bringing in external sources can now monitor these as they deliver to camera live, though integration of a Multiviewer.

Canon PTZ camera support for Voice Controlled Production: Voice control and AI automated switching are part of what set WebClip2Go apart from traditional chatshow/interview productions, and this voice control has now been extended     to work with Canon PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras, to deliver a dynamic and naturalistic output.

Joy-stick control for animated motion control: WebClip2Go allows for animations to be easily integrated into video outputs in a range of ways, which now includes the ability to control animated motion with a joystick. 

Manual colour correction for all sources, plus improved waveform monitor and vectorscope: Whilst WebClip2Go integrates a range of automated workflows to control aspects such as colour correction and matching in order to make the system intuitive to use – even for those who have never used editing systems before, it also incorporates a range of high level editing features to allow those with production experience greater levels of control and flexibility over their output. 

An improved DMX editor to allow easy assign and identification of external hardware elements: DMX control is not only a core part of automating the production environment (including lighting and physical effects) but – when combined with WebClip2Go’s new recorder product release for museums and exhibitions – will allow for physical integration of the video playout with its environment, with the capacity to set markers within the video which trigger effects such as lighting, smoke effects or a revealed display.

A range of improvements in terms of user flexibility and intuitiveness: Ease-of-use has been improved yet further through the integration of features such as auto-file delete to reduce the time spent engaging in file maintenance, and the ability to customise the teleprompter in more detail to meet the preferred workflow of the user.

Speaking of the new additions, WebClip2Go CEO Gerrit Bulten said: “Our initial ‘small studio’ system allowed users to create greenscreen productions in the fraction of the time of a normal production, with no previous editing knowledge, and with only the need for camera, lights, teleprompter, greenscreen and a WebClip2Go unit. Since then we’ve hugely extended the workflows and production types that can be handled with WebClip2Go, whilst still retaining our core philosophy; making professional-grade video production available to everyone”.

He continued: “Version 2.3 works to extend that usability in two directions; on the one hand further simplifying the production process for video novices, but on the other, extending the level of customisability, flexibility and creative control that can be realised with the system – meaning that people with greater levels of production knowledge can benefit from the remarkably higher efficiency of the ‘back-to-front’ WebClip2Go workflow, whilst being able to exercise greater influence over the creative direction of their video”.

Concluding his statement on the new release, Bulten said: “The AI integration improvements that we have made – now further refined with release 2.3 – have been the crucial next step in making WebClip2Go the go-to solution for crewless production, with users able to deliver videos in a fraction of the time of a ‘standard’ production, after only 15 minutes of training. This has been vital in the education market, where both teachers and students are increasingly demanding the ability to leverage video as part of the learning process, and as a result we have seen universities across Europe – including the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Spain, Ireland and the UK – and some of them even purchased multiple studios to keep up with usage demand”.

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About WebClip2Go

WebClip2Go offers high quality video production tools that aim to revolutionize the way in which content is created, drive down the cost of creation, and make professional-level video production more accessible to all. As an offshoot of Burst video – broadcast and AV integration specialists for 30 years – WebClip2Go brings the innovation of a start-up with the expertise and wisdom of an established player. By fundamentally changing the workflow associated with traditional video production, and scaling back equipment needs to the point that production can be achieved with one man, one system and one camera (or multiple cameras), WebClip2Go is democratizing the process of producing professional quality video – with application across fields as diverse as education, corporate, fashion, retail. Be it a product or instructional video, informative or education content, or entertainment. No crew, no piles of gear, no fuss. Just broadcast quality video. Fast. And lots of it.