Zero Density, a global leader in virtual production and broadcast graphics technology, is excited to announce partnerships with KST Moschkau, Viaplay, Leyard, Optitrack and AVID for IBC 2023.


Throughout the show, the company and its partners will demonstrate the real-world applications of Zero Density’s advanced platforms, illustrating their commitment to partnering on future virtual production and broadcast graphics technology.


Zero Density has joined forces with KST Moschkau, a leading system integrator and manufacturer from Germany, to showcase the power of integration and robotics in broadcast productions. The virtual production demos will run fully automated by the CamBot® system with an advanced integration in Zero Density’s RealityHub virtual production control solution.


With Viaplay, Zero Density is proud to demonstrate the true potential of virtual production within Viaplay’s virtual set. This collaboration illustrates how transformative technology can enhance visual impact and storytelling, increase efficiency and maintain a reliable and stable broadcast platform.


Leyard Europe will supply an advanced VP VX series display for the XR space at Zero Density’s IBC booth. This year, the spotlight will be on using multiple cameras, highlighting excellent on-camera performance — even at the high refresh rates needed for the multi-camera frame remapping used in XR/VR applications — and demonstrating what a turnkey solution can look like.


Optitrack and Zero Density have integrated their technology into the Traxis Camera Tracking solution. This combined solution offers unparalleled accuracy and stability in virtual production while offering a simplified workflow.


Lastly, in collaboration with AVID, Zero Density will showcase its integration with iNEWS. This demonstration will highlight the Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) integration with RealityHub, enabling seamless control of virtual production, on-air graphics and LED wall content solutions.


Partners, clients and technology suppliers, including Epic Games and NVIDIA, will also share their insights and skills through panels and Q&A sessions at Zero Density’s IBC booth. A detailed schedule will be available as the event approaches.

“At this year’s IBC, we want to show the power of visual impact coupled with efficiency. We are thrilled to collaborate with these industry leaders to showcase the practical applications of our innovative technology,” said Ralf van Vegten, CMO for Zero Density.


Visit Zero Density at IBC Show 2023 at Booth 7.B01


About Zero Density

Zero Density is a global pioneer in virtual production and broadcast graphics technology, providing integrated solutions to the world’s leading broadcasters. Zero Density’s commitment to enabling the creation of visual impact, enhancing stories, increasing operational efficiency, and providing reliable solutions positions the company as a forward-thinking partner in the industry. Headquartered in Turkey, with offices in the US, the company serves clients such as The Weather Channel, RTL, Fox Sports and Warner Media.