Zixi raise the bar, again, with the new ZEC technology

By Ben Johnson

Zixi, a global leader in live broadcast-quality video delivery, has raised the bar yet again with the unveiling of its next-generation Zixi Edge Compute (ZEC). This groundbreaking release embodies a significant leap forward in ushering the broadcast industry into a future where the benefits of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) are fully realized.

The ZEC, a state-of-the-art edge video streaming system, replaces the now-legacy Zixi Feeder and Zixi Receiver software. As an on-premises installation serving as a Zixi endpoint, the ZEC is engineered to adapt to the dynamic needs of live video distribution. Its advanced design supports a vast array of delivery workflows while ensuring optimal performance and superior uptime.

A notable feature of the ZEC is its robust communication with the Zixi Broadcaster using the trusted Zixi Protocol. This combination paves the way for unparalleled performance and reliability in live video streaming—an essential attribute in today’s rapidly shifting broadcast landscape.

Further enhancing its versatility, the ZEC can interface with a broad assortment of hardware/software encoders, cameras, Integrated Receiver/Decoders (IRDs), and protocols. This broad interoperability allows ZEC to accommodate a wide variety of broadcast configurations, promising a seamless fit into any setup.

The ZEC also shines when it comes to network mediation. It fosters high-performance, bandwidth-optimized connectivity—an aspect that becomes increasingly crucial as the demand for high-definition content continues to surge.

In a nod to the technical demands of modern broadcasting, the ZEC includes content-aware dynamic forward error correction. This functionality ensures smooth, error-free transmission of live feeds, further affirming Zixi’s commitment to delivering the highest quality video.

Leveraging ARM-based processor support, ZEC features multi-threaded compute-optimized high-density throughput. This is indicative of Zixi’s forward-thinking approach, anticipating the inevitable migration to ARM-based architectures within the broadcasting industry.

Zixi has not overlooked user-friendliness amidst its advanced functionalities. The ZEC offers an intuitive graphical interface and a programmatic REST API, ensuring ease of use for both front-end users and back-end programmers.

Perhaps most enticing is Zixi’s decision to offer the ZEC on supported hardware at no charge. This step removes potential entry barriers and enables broadcasters to leverage unrivaled connection performance when sending and receiving live video, making the ZEC an indispensable asset in any broadcast arsenal.

With ZEC, Zixi continues its tradition of pioneering technologies that redefine the parameters of broadcast video streaming. This is indeed an exciting development, and the broadcast industry will be eagerly watching how ZEC reshapes the contours of live video distribution.