NAB2023, 16-19 April, Booth W1677: iSIZE, a leader in video optimization using deep learning has partnered with MulticoreWare, a global technology company which leads in video encoding. The partnership brings together iSIZE’s ground-breaking BitSave video pre-processing with MulticoreWare’s powerful x265 HEVC encoder to provide exceptional quality and efficiency, across many industries and use cases. The new solution will be unveiled on MulticoreWare’s booth W1677 at NAB 2023.

BitSave is a widely used video pre-processor, which uses artificial intelligence to eliminate invisible detail in a video stream, resulting in perceptually equivalent video quality at a significantly lower bitrate. Using MulticoreWare’s already extremely efficient x265 codec, this results in streaming rates reduced by as much as 40% without impairing the user experience.

The seamless integration results in a software solution which is simple to implement and ready to roll out. Users across all platforms and devices will see significantly improved quality at much reduced bitrates. This in turn delivers substantial savings on bandwidth and storage costs, making it attractive to all businesses, and especially to cost-sensitive SMBs.

The essence of BitSave is that its input is a standard video signal, and the x265 output is a standard HEVC/H.265 compressed stream which can be read by any device. The advantages of this new joint solution can be readily implemented within existing workflows and delivery systems with minimal disruption.

“The partnership with MulticoreWare is a transformative step for video delivery,” said Sergio Grce, CEO of iSIZE. “By combining BitSave and x265, we offer businesses a powerful solution that improves video quality while reducing cost and complexity.”

Shivakumar Narayanan, VP and GM of media and entertainment at MulticoreWare, added “We are thrilled to work with iSIZE, a company committed to innovation in video encoding. This collaboration brings a new level of performance and efficiency, allowing businesses of all sizes to benefit through excellent user experiences and lowered costs.”

Teams from iSIZE and MulticoreWare will be showing how they are transforming video delivery in demonstrations at NAB 2023. Presentations will be on the MulticoreWare booth, W1677, throughout NAB.