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Audient & EVO Join TikTok

“The launch coincides with the creation of our latest collaborative campaign #TheGainStage – a hashtag for creatives to perform, record and get their music out there,” he continues. TikTok is an ideal platform, as it encourages everyone to be a creator and share moments that matter through video, often starting conversations and trends in the process.

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A “Gain Changing” Solution from Rational Acoustics and Audient

“This exciting partnership with Audient adds gain tracking functionality to a new and modern interface, readily available to the Smaart user base,” notes Chris Tsanjoures, Rational Acoustics Director of Product Management. “With gain tracking, users who are involved in SPL measurement can calibrate their EVO interface and maintain that calibration as the preamp level is adjusted – something that is simply not possible with pure analogue interfaces.”

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